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    Thanks for dropping by MIKU shop!

    We're two best friends and fashionistas who never wear the same outfit twice and won't hesitate to go out finding the perfect accessory to match our look!  We had a dream to start a business together because we're spontaneous and impulsive just like our shopping habits -- oops! 

    Sam studied graphic design while Beverly studied Biochemistry & Business - so different? Well they say opposites attract, and so we did!  At first, we were worried about starting a business together as friends - not even good friends but BEST friends and how that would affect our relationship if things go south. However, things turned out just fine and we discovered that our skill sets compliment each other like coffee and bagel ;) 

    So with all our hearts, we started a sunglasses company for every lover of fashion to find the perfect pair for any look. We must admit some of our sunnies are quite crazy, but don't be afraid to surprise yourself - you'll never know until you try!

    We have a team of fashionistas and bloggers on the look for the newest and trendiest styles of the season allowing MIKU to curate a range of sunnies perfect for your unique style

    Thank you for supporting us!

    MIKU Founders